Game holder mix with Aniseed


Robinwood Game Holder range is entirely drug free, it is composed of natural grains, (wheat, maize) which is double-screened and coated with soya oil to ensure a clean, dust-free diet.

The addition of aniseed lends an aroma that is both attractive and pervasive, this encourages the birds to stay in the area looking for feed; aniseed also offers an augmented level of palatability. The feed can be spread around the release ground, or other suitable sites in key areas.

At our dedicated mill we can manufacture any combination of the following diets, altering percentage inclusions as required:

Wheat + aniseed
Split maize/wheat + aniseed
Whole maize + aniseed

These very natural diets provide sufficient energy to keep birds fit for the season.

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Weight 20 kg

Cleaned Wheat Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 14%, crude fibre 14%, crude oil 3% ash 2%