Grain – Mixed Corn


Your poultry will enjoy a feed of Robinwood Mixed Corn, Split Maize or Wheat, which can be given during the latter part of the afternoon once the flock has had sufficient quantity of Robinwood Layers’ Pellets. Mixed corn, split maize or wheat should be fed at a rate of approximately 28 g or 1 ounce per bird. Cereal grains are not a replacement diet for Poultry Layers Pellets

Egg laying hens will also benefit from the availability of mixed poultry grit which will aid with digestion and support the production of strong egg shells.

Is important that all poultry have access to feed and water at all times. Feed and water should be made available in a suitable receptacle to minimise wastage and contamination.

. Suitable for laying hens, geese, ducks and bantams
. A completely natural product
. Good source of carbohydrate and energy

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Weight 20 kg

40% maize and 60% wheat Analytical Constituents: Oil – 2%, protein – 10%, fibre 2% ash 2%